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08:43am 28/11/2005
  Keith Urban Livin' Right Now DVD

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Hi! *waves* 
01:22pm 22/02/2005
mood: happy
Hi! I am new here, but I have loved Keith for a LONG TIME! :) I was wondering if anyone would be so kind as to send me some more Keith music...I have the cd Golden Road, but seeing as I am a poor college student, I don't have enough chingching for his other cds....if you wanna give me your AIM or do it the yousendit.com way that is fine! :) My AIM is thetinclover03 and my email is thetinclover@gmail.com...

THANKS A BUNCH! *huggles*
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Keith on Country Weekly 
09:19pm 28/12/2004
  Have you guys seen the cover of Country Weekly. It's your truly and he is SEXY!!! I bought it and i'm gonna buy another copy to cut out all the pictures and put them on my wall. You gotta check it out!!!!  
06:53pm 25/12/2004
mood: cold
I'm new to this community and just thought i'd say hi!! I love Keith URban and everything about him especially his sexy accent. Well, HI!!!
01:16pm 05/11/2004
  Hey everyone i just joined this community so i wanted to say whats up!!
im a college student in az and im going to see keith at the beinginning of december with my boy... can't wait!!!

anyway i had a quick question for anyone who's been to a recent concert or is going to one before dec. 10th... i have tickets to the show, but my boy has a final that night. it's at 8 so he's going to try to be done by 9. my question is about what time does keith go on and do you think we're going to miss any of the show.... thanks! i really appreciate any help with this delimma :)
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12:36pm 03/10/2004

Do you love keith urban? What about country? Then join this Keith Urban community!



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